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AGOAC is supported by older adult volunteers. Some of them are retired and continue to lead an active lifestyle.  They are the pillars of the club.  AGOAC volunteers contribute over 900 man-hours per month giving back to the community through various ways and the number is growing.  They are but not limited to:

Badminton Agnes Chan agoac.bad88minton@gmail.com
Ballroom Sammy Lam sammylam@rogers.com
Choir Carmen Sun agoac.choir@gmail.com
Digital Photo Stephen Yung N/A
Guitar Norman Kwok agoac.guitar@gmail.com
Karaoke Thomas Yee thomas.karaoke@agoac.com
Tai Chi Odetta Lee odetta@rogers.com
Yoga TBA agoac.yoga@gmail.com
Wellness Casey Chung files@agoac.com
and many more...

Together, they make a difference in the North Markham Community!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email to agoac2014@gmail.com with your name, email address, and the areas that you are interested in volunteering.

We are proud of our volunteers!