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Badminton Open House - Saturday Sept. 3

posted Aug 8, 2016, 1:32 PM by Agoac Files   [ updated Aug 28, 2016, 5:47 AM ]
Dear AGOAC members,

You are cordially invited to the Open House on Saturday September 3rd from 12:00 pm (noon) to 10:00 pm in Angus Glen Community Centre. 

The Badminton group has been steadily increasing from a few players about 10 years ago to about 120 members before the incorporation of AGOAC in 2014.  After incorporation, the Group has further increased to the current size of about 200 members on record.  Its popularity is due to its intangible value built up over years and its continuous forward looking to enhance the Group image both internally and externally.  Achieving it, the Group has adopted the Club's mission for transparency and fairness through changes, both big and numerous in the past year.  The change is big because it has transformed from a close group to an open group which opens arms to welcome all AGOAC members.  The change is numerous because its manual registration and operation is replaced by continuous automation. The registration has been gradually changing from emailing to completing registration form online using Google Form.  From the Form, the Group is now able to automate the roster, court assignment and attendance list.  The automation saves lot of labour, affords them to emphasize on quality use of time in order to manage the Group with 200+ members.  Hopefully, the Group will successfully transform to a respectful one which members would like to join.

In order to introduce the Group to the members, the Badminton Adhoc Committee have planned the following activities for the day on the basis of FRIENDSHIP FIRST COMPETITION SECOND.

All members (including renewed and new members) are reminded to bring their new (Green) membership cards
The information for the following programs in the Open House will be updated once more details and the no. of participants are known.

Please send all inquiries to
  1. Potential new badminton players are welcome to come and play : This provides an opportunity for you and the current badminton members to understand the skill level of the new members so that the court monitors can assign you to the appropriate court with similar skill level to have fun game in the new Club year starting Sept. 26.   Please bring your racket and AGOAC membership card to sign in the attendance sheet. 
  2. In-house tournament (From 12:00 pm noon to 5:00 pm) :  Registration for tournament is closed.     Regular badminton players and non badminton group players are welcome to participate the in-house tournament. This provides an opportunity to expose yourself to play in the competitive environment.  Experience tells us that members' skill will normally increase after each tournament.  The badminton group has held several in-house tournaments themselves in the past in the following format
    1. In double only (ladies double, men's double, mixed double, 21-point game system):
    2. The competition will be divided in 3 levels of skill : Elementary, intermediate and advanced. This will allow any member to participate according to their skill level.  A member is allowed to sign up a maximum of 2 competition in the same skill level.
    3. Plastic birdie will be used.
    4. For those who are interested to participate in the in-house tournament, please register by Google Form as shown above.
      1. member name and membership number
      2. For members in current badminton program : your current play day (in order to help us to identify the member immediately and therefore their skill level)
      3. For members not in any badminton program : There will be a warm-up/assessment hour (tentative from 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm) before the tournament to start at 1:00pm to ensure you are competing in the proper level.
      4. your intended competition :
        1. men's double, ladies' double or mixed double
        2. Skill level i.e. elementary, intermediate or advanced
        3. Partner in the same skill will be matched by draw
      5. The entry application for competition is free.
      6. Please register by noon on Saturday Aug. 20 to allow time to organize the event.
        1. The team with the most wins will be the champion.
        2. If the top 2 teams happen to have the same number of wins, positions will be decided by their "FACE TO FACE" result.
        3. If the top 3 or more teams happen to have the same number of wins, positions will be decided by their "NET POINTS". That is, the difference between total points won and total points lost.
      8. REMINDER : Schedules and paired players are subject to change if some players fail to show up.
  3. Recreational Badminton (Drop-in) (From 5:00 pm or earlier to 7:00 pm) : Open to all Club Members only.  The start time is governed by the finish time of the tournament and therefore subject to change.
  4. Social Night in Angus Glen Community Centre (7:00pm - 10:00pm; Youth Centre) $10 per person including light meal.  The room will be used for social gathering, which includes but not limited to chit-chatting, singing, slide shows.   So, even though you don't play during the day, you are welcome to join us.  There are 3 methods to sign-up.  Your reservation will only be confirmed upon full payment.
    1. For those who just come for the night, you can register
      1. by email by noon on Saturday Aug. 20  and pay in gym time; or
      2. Sign up in person in gym time as follows (ask for Court Monitors)
        1. Tuesday from 12: 30 pm to 1:30 pm
        2. Thursday from 7:00 am to 8:00 am
        3. Friday from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm
        4. Saturday from 7:15 am to 9:00 am
    2. For those who sign up for the tournament, there is an item for in the Google Form. Pay the ticket in the above gym time